How It Started
With the believe, that every child is a natural reader, a young mother of a two year old ,visualized her dream of helping children develop a love for books. A software consultant by profession, wonderfully managed to combine her passion and creativity with her expertise to create BookXplore. She loved to read books to her daughter and started reading to her since she was 9 months. It helped increase their mother-daughter bonding, interaction and not to forget the learning therefore BookXplore came about from the idea of sharing story books with other parents and kids to inculcate the somewhere lost tradition of story reading and moral education of children and also help parents overcome the dilemma of what to buy amongst thousands of books. The founder also from her own experience and learning aims to recommend books for teaching your child specific skills or reading aloud according to your baby's moods and preferences. BookXplore is an educational and fun resource for kids from 0-12 year.